I arrived in Dublin, Ireland on March 7th at 6:30 am. Erica picked me up from the airport and we went straight to her house in Dun Laoghaire. I always mispronounce it. We spent the day around her town meeting her friends and seeing her city. Apparently my American accent is quite strong. I love the Irish accents, however when Erica and her friends get to speaking quickly, I sometimes have no idea if they’re speaking english or irish. haha. Everyone is SO very friendly. I was quite worried about being American, but everyone is quite interested and happy to meet me. First thing was first, we went to the Pub at 1pm. haha Erica kept joking about how they were probably fulfilling every Irish stereotype. We spent the rest of the day in a field just out of town sitting around in the good weather and taking photos.






On the 8th we slept in quite a bit to cure my jet lag, then made our way to Dublin. It was an interesting city for sure. I met a man outside a pub who told me he was a millionaire. He said “You don’t believe me do you?” He was dressed the part, and quite drunk. I’m not sure if he was, but I asked if I may take his photo and we sat with him for a bit. That night we made our way to Hayley’s house just outside the coastal city of Waterford, this was the first part of our road trip! No more buses, and I am so excited.




We stayed at Hayley’s house and had a grand breakfast there on the morning of the 9th. Lemon curd was on my toast and oh man am I now addicted. I’ll have to find some at home. We headed down the street for a few photos then went to Dubmore, a harbor city. It was beautiful. We wandered around chasing cats and exploring the boat yard.

IMG_9272IMG_9274IMG_9277IMG_9283IMG_9286IMG_9287Little Samson, Hayley’s dog.IMG_9293IMG_9307HayleyIMG_9313DunmoreIMG_9326IMG_9342IMG_9345IMG_9351IMG_9362IMG_9434IMG_9423IMG_9408IMG_9405IMG_9401IMG_9443After the harbor, we stopped by Saujeens, a beach across from the sand dunes where big currents come in. You can’t swim there, apparently lots of people have drown there sadly. It was quite beautiful though, and Erica chased the seagulls out to the water.IMG_9435Saujeens
IMG_9450We stopped for crepes first thing in Tra More. I got Lemon and star on mine. So many lemon flavored things this day. It was delicious.IMG_9457IMG_9462IMG_9465IMG_9476IMG_9527_1We spent the rest of the day running around the dunes.IMG_9544_1IMG_9545IMG_9562IMG_9568IMG_9602IMG_9611IMG_9619The sun went down as we were in the dunes and the city lights from afar were quite brilliant. We had walked miles from town into the dunes. IMG_9623IMG_9628We finished out the night at a chipper. They find it funny that I call them fries. IMG_9625

It’s been a great few days. Today we begin our exploring of the West coast and then head north.

Talk to you soon!