March 10th  I woke up earlier than the rest of the road trip crew. I needed to shower as I had opted out of the other ones offered on previous nights. We had stayed at a cottage that James’s family owns and sometimes rents out. Fred, his 3-leg cat pranced along beside me as I walked from the cottage to his house. Foxy, his dog, was curled up in the entry-way and greeted me with a wagging tail. The kids were late for a dentist appointment so I had to wait a bit to shower. James’s mother invited me into their living room for some tea. The room was filled with plants and art, and I found myself wondering where each trinket was from.

IMG_9635IMG_9637IMG_9639IMG_9643On our way to the cottage in Caragh Lake (Southwest coast of Ireland), we stopped for a bit and I put up my hammock to relax and it was so warm we had just tank tops on. It was a sunny and unusual day for Ireland I was told. The houses along the way are so colorful, bright pinks and turquoise. Caragh Lake was off on a dirt path past many goats and sheep. James has a friend Sasha who owns it, so James gave him a ring on our way out to the coast and we were able to have the cabin for the night as a favor. It would be perfect to spend a whole summer at the cain, it’s absolutely beautiful. We spent the night playing Irish slap (quite a stressful card game, and hard on the hands too, haha) and listening to music.
IMG_9764IMG_9827IMG_9808IMG_9845IMG_9847IMG_9859IMG_9862IMG_9864IMG_9871IMG_9874IMG_9876IMG_9924IMG_9928IMG_9917Tea and chocolate are a staple in the diet of my friends here in Ireland. I think we have tea 3 times a day and chocolate perhaps just as often, lol. They are always sharing new kinds with me. That’s another thing I noticed here. They all share everything. No one is stingy. Everyone is more than happy to help one another. Hayley bought me some of their favorite incense. I can’t wait to burn it and think of Ireland.IMG_9893First thing in the morning we were packing the little car back up and taking off for the Cliffs of Moher. The 11th would be a long day in the car.

We passed through a few tiny towns. This is where Hayley bough my incense for me. I can’t wait to burn some tonight in the hostel.


Today was the first day James looked at a map. It was as if he had known how to get everywhere. And even when looking he just glanced and knew right where to go. I’m so glad we had him to drive us. We made it to the Cliffs of Moher right at 5. It was a few pounds to get in, but the gate keeper let us in for free since it was close to the time the car park closed. We hoped the edge of the fence and walked up to the edge of the cliff to sit and watch the sun go down. The waves crashed so hard beneath that it felt like thunder shaking the ground. The grass was so soft and fluffy, and I laid there for a while just watching the waves. I’ve been reading Painted Dessert every so often in the car rides, and it made me think of when the author talks about seeing something and pondering the whys of life. I closed my eyes and heard my heartbeat, breathing, seagulls, and waves crashing and thought about how amazing God is at creating.IMG_0028_1IMG_0051IMG_0070IMG_0139IMG_0122IMG_0190

We stayed with Eric’s aunt up almost in North Ireland that night. She lives in the country. She’s an artist and her house is full of friendly animals. On the morning of the 12th, we saw the sun go up here while having tea in the garden, and left shortly after for the Giant’s Causeway.

IMG_0198IMG_0248A sleepy pup at Erica’s aunt’s house. IMG_0510We parked about 1.5 miles from the Giant’s Causeway so we could walk in for free. It was about a mile hike down to see the stones, and we got there at perfect light again. IMG_0502IMG_0452IMG_0423IMG_0346IMG_0331IMG_0301Hayley at the CausewayIMG_0516James looking out as we took the bus back up to the top of the mountain.IMG_0531IMG_0545A country houseIMG_0551North IrelandIMG_0575Orange and pink danced on the windows of all the white country houses as we left North Ireland. The hallelujah song came on and we drive towards cliffs that continually turned to darker blue as they disappeared into the fog. Tomorrow I leave for Scotland.