Tuesday March 18th Barbara and I decided to sleep in a bit, as we had been getting up for sunrise every day. After a late morning tea at a wonderful little coffee shop called The Chocolate Factory, we began our day of sightseeing in Glasgow. Glasgow isn’t a major tourist city, and it reminds me quite a lot of Chicago, but it was nice to have a  more relaxed day, in which to really experience a place, instead of seeing all the tourist must-dos of a place.IMG_1765

I adore all the flats around Glasgow.


A wonderful installation at the Kelvingrove museum that we visited.


Dali’s famous Christ of St John of the Cross.


The Kelvingrove from a distance.


The University of Glasgow.




Bute Hall. I adore all the gothic architecture. It’s making me so excited for Prague!! We ended the night strolling through a park and the stopping off at the grocery store to pick up some fresh veggies to cook with pasta for dinner. We made sure to send a photo of our (pretty much all Barbara’s) cooking to Sam for approval (The french chef we met in the hostel, who criticized our instant food). He graciously praised Barbara a job well done. I had a lot of trouble booking my bus ticket to Cardiff, Wales. So I ended up having to use Barbara’s card and book it for Wednesday night instead of Tuesday night, so I had one more spontaneous day in Glasgow, and 5 less pounds to spend on the ticket!


Wednesday March 19th we had another late morning with tea and oatmeal in Barbara’s sun-filled flat. I got some client work done and Barbara did some trip planning for herself, and then we took off to the Botanical Gardens with Barbara’s flatmate Isabelle.


Barbara was taking some official head shots for Isabelle, but I used her as a model since her pretty blonde hair lit up so well around all the gardens. We spent the evening getting coffee with one of Barbara’s good friends and then went to an art talk at her college. It was nice to see so much art the past few days, it’s getting me excited for London, Paris, and Rome! We just finished up dinner in Barbara’s flat, and I’m about to head off to the Bus station. It’s always so hard to leave a new friend. Something tells me that we will travel together again some day. Off to Cardiff I go, my bus leaves at 10:15 pm, and it’s currently 9:35 pm. I look forward to arriving in my new destination as the sun goes up, it’s when things tend to be most quiet.