Wednesday April 9th –

We said our teary-eyed goodbyes to Sima and her mom, then Sima took us to the bus and we were off to Munich. The world needs more hearts like theirs. Michael and I arrived in Munich a few hours later, and we were picked up by another photographer named Laura. We dropped off our bags at her flat and then she took us to walk around Olympia park where another photographer friend, Andrea, met up with us.


BMW building details






BMW building details


BMW building details


As the sun went down we all explored the massive Octoberfest Grounds then had a yummy traditional meal together, which to me, tasted like fancy macaroni. That night, Michael and I would find our way back to Laura’s flat alone. Since she had left for the nights we would be there, in order to give us both a place to sleep, she parted ways with us at the subway. We didn’t write down any directions because both Michael and I remembered, you just get off the subway and it is on the left right by construction. Well. We got off the subway and found ourselves re-walking the streets for about an hour. At that point we decided okay, we must be in the wrong place, it was RIGHT off the subway when Laura had shown us earlier. Neither of our phones worked without wifi, and Germany isn’t too keen on having free wifi. So we set out to ask some locals if maybe they knew where student housing was located. I spotted two friendly looking women outside a cafe and did my routine of, “Pardon, do you speak English?” They both smiled and said yes, then I proceeded to explain the situation. Their third friend came out of the cafe about that time and they filled her in, so they were trying to explain where they thought we needed to go, then they said, “okay just follow us!” So we did for a few blocks, then we let them know there was no way it could be this far. The woman offered to call my friend, but Laura’s number was on a message on Facebook, which I needed wifi to access. After searching for a few minutes for a cafe that was still open, one woman remembered she could make a hotspot with her phone. After doing that, I got Laura’s number and one woman handed me her phone to make the embarrassing call. I handed the phone over to the kind woman and Laura explained to her simple directions. We had taken the wrong exit out of the subway, that’s why everything was so unfamiliar. With warm smiles the three woman received our thank-you’s and we headed for the subway. Once we emerged from the proper exit, we immediately knew where we were. A few hours later than expected, but we were glad to finally be back at the flat.




Thursday April 10th –

We got up early to spend a little more time with Laura before her classes, then spent the rest of the day with Andrea exploring the remainder of the touristy parts of the city.


It started to drizzle first thing in the morning, and I was pretty okay with it. Call me crazy, but I like a light mist of rain.



Because there are so many bikes, they have their own traffic light.


I snapped this of Laura as we said goodbye. So sad to see her go! She had been so kind to host Michael and I. Her apartment is rather tiny, but she handed us the key and went to stay elsewhere while we stayed at her place. I can’t wait to see this lovely lady again in Vancouver this summer!


Andrea, me, and Laura. SOOO so happy to finally have met these talented photographers.


We went to the food market for lunch, where Laura told me I had to try the soup. So, I tried the soup! It was amazing needless to say. I love all the markets in Europe. It provides a cheap and fresh place for food always.


German local goodies. Andrea loves pickles just as much as me! so naturally we had to get some after lunch.


The University.

More of the University


Andrea walking through the stairs at the University in Munich


I know what you’re thinking. It’s what I thought when I saw a guy with a surfboard in the subways of Munich, Germany. There’s surfing? Yes. There apparently is. There’s a river that runs through the park in town and just under a bridge there is a constant wave where locals like to practice their surfing. They jump in and ride for a few minutes then bail into the water behind them to let the next guy have a turn.


At the end of the day we walked back to Laura’s flat where we were staying to pack up and be ready to leave early in the morning. The next few days would be even more busy. I keep thinking about how bizarre this ritual had become of quickly meeting people, instantly being befriended by them and even taken care of, then just as quickly I leave. Grateful is just the surface of what I feel knowing I have the ability to keep in contact with all the people I have met and will meet on the rest of my trip. People can be so caring, even to complete strangers. I know I keep saying it, but I really cannot get over how amazing that truly is.


My next blog post will be from Austria. For a current update, I am now in Croatia!