I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated, and for those of you who are so so kind to keep up with my blog, I’m so very sorry! BUT! I have better wifi now! So, here is a post about my time in Austria.


Friday April 11th

Today we woke up early and hopped on a train to cross into Austria. Salzburg was our next stop.


All the little houses and mountains were a nice change of scenery, I’d been in so many cities, I had almost forgotten I was going to see mountains!


Salzburg and all of if cute glory. I would kill to be here at Christmas time.


Looking down on the city from the castle


Taking a look over the city from the castle wall


More inside the castle


Document NamebwIMG_6020

After touring the castle a bit, we wandered through the town back to the train station. Only a few hours were spent in this charming little town, and I wish so badly I could go back to see all of the other castles and mountains that it has scattered about.

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Linz, Austria

Document Namebw_2

We got to Linz that evening, where my friend and fellow photographer Anna lives. She showed us around her town and then took us home for some rest after a full travel day.




Saturday April 12th

We woke up this morning and Anna told us about a castle they have in town. She said it was maybe an hour walk, and since we’ve been walking so much, we decided that would be an easy morning excursion. After Anna making me some coffee worthy of being in a cafe, we set out for the little castle on the hill.



Anna and me at the top of the castle!


And then we tried Apple Strudel. My dear friend Barbara who I adventured with in Scotland, is originally from Austria, and she raved about this treat. So, Anna took Michael and I to a place where we could have it warm with vanilla sauce. Let’s just say, it lived up to the expectations Barbara set upon it.


That evening Anna took us with some friends to her hometown, Rohrbach. It was nice to be in a car, rather than a bus or train where you are trapped until the ride is over.


Anna’s took us to her house and cooked us a head of spaghetti for dinner. Anna is yet another kind and hospitable person who opened not only her home, but her coffee-making skills, food pantry, and her heart. OH. And she refused to take her bed, but instead slept on the floor so I could have a bed. ANNA YOU ARE SO SWEET. I’ve only met Anna a few times at photography meet ups, but the way that she ran to me and greeted me with a giant hug and smile at the bus station yesterday, you’d think we’d been friends forever.

We spent the evening with some of Anna’s friends in her hometown, then headed back to Linz.




Sunday April 13th

Today was a day I had been looking forward to for many years. Lukas is a photographer from Austria, one of the first I met when I made my Flickr account to share my photos years ago. Lukas messaged me about photography and we kept in contact after that. I think that we have known each other’s work for about 5 years now, and we have talked about visiting one another for some time. Well. Today that plan would finally be executed. Today I would meet Lukas! AND on top of that, in the past year he had started dating an adorable little photographer from Norway named Silje. So obviously I would be taking lots of photos of them. So, I did most of my documenting of the day with them as my models. Michael and I left Linz very early and got in to Vienna early afternoon. When we came up from the subway, we found that there was a marathon happening. Somehow we keep finding ourselves in cities right on the one day of the year that there is a festival or marathon, or something of the sort. We headed to our hostel to put our backpacks away and then wait for Lukas and Silje.

Document Namebw_1

Marathon in Vienna

Document Namebw_2Document Namebw_3

So many painted eggs for Easter time. They hand paint real eggs. There had to be thousands of them around. Austrians don’t mess around with their Easter eggs.Document Namebw_4Document Namebw_6


Document Namebw_7

Lukas & Silje

Document Namebw_8

Document Namebw_9

Silje is so beautiful. Not only outwardly, but in her heart. She was so very sweet from the moment we said hello. Loads of photographers that know Lukas and Silje talk non-stop about how sweet and nice they both are, and let me just jump on the bandwagon and say, they are the sweetest couple you will ever meet.

Document Namebw_10

By the horse racing arena.

Document Namebw_11

We met up with another photographer and friend of Lukas & Silje later on in the day. He had that lavender and balloon on him all day. Document Namebw_12

And then we tried Schnitzel. I mean, we’re in Austria.

Document Namebw_13Document Namebw_14

Towards the end of the day we all decided it would be fun to see that palace. Apparently it’s like Austria’s own Versailles.

Document Namebw_15Document Namebw_16

Vienna Palace

Document Namebw_17Document Namebw_18

Not only are they the sweetest couple ever, but they are the most photogenic couple ever.

Document Namebw_19

Spring time flowers

Document Namebw_20Document Namebw_22Document Namebw_23

Document Namebw_24Document Namebw_25Document Namebw_26Document Namebw_27

We all watched the sun go down on the hill at the palace, then had dinner and said our goodbyes. Lukas is moving to Norway with Silje soon, and they invited me to visit. I can’t tell you exactly when that will be, but I can say that I will most definitely be taking them up on that offer sometime.
I will be posting photos from Budapest next! In just a day or two. And for those of you curious, I am currently in Greece.