I’m taking a break from my updates of traveling to show you the cooking skills of my dear friend Susan. She and I met freshman year of college in our dorm unit. At the beginning of school Susan was studying design, so we had a few classes together since I was also studying art. After about a year she changed her major to biology, because she loved to know how things work. Then towards the end of school Susan finally settled on business administration to finish out her IWU degree. Her senior year, Susan started “Saturdays with Suz” a time when she baked for all her friends in her dorm kitchen. Now that we are both graduates, Susan is pursuing a culinary degree to add to her business education. She is able to combine her artistic talents with her craving to understand how things work, and use her business knowledge to one day start her own bakery. For now, she is getting an internship and works at a local Indiana bakery. I asked Susan to slave away for a few days in her kitchen in exchange for providing her some portfolio photos in a large mass, to add to her already beautiful blog. Below are the final shots of all her goodies with their names, ¬†for the recipes check out her blog at www.suzbakes.com!


1. Soft Italian Bread

Dyptich 6IMG_7510webIMG_7541IMG_7570


2. Infused Chocolate Chip Cookiesdyptich 4IMG_7820

Dyptich 5


3. Baked Lemon DoughnutsDyptich 3dyptich1


4. Lemon-lime Cupcakes with Raspberry ButtercreamIMG_7902IMG_7926_1



5. Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts