Monday April 14th

We parted ways with Austria early monday morning and were in route to Hungary for most of the day. Budapest was a place well-known for it’s beauty, and it was as close to the middle-east as we’d get to go. I’m sad we couldn’t go on to Turkey even as far as Jordan, but those places were left for another adventure. We spent the first day in Budapest exploring on our own. It was so peculiar how the thought of a 40 minute walk had become so nonchalant. Here in America if I told someone, “Ya, it’s only 40 minutes! We can totally get there before sunrise!” I think people would look at me like I was crazy. I dearly miss that mindset. We got settled into our hostel for the night and walked around town until sunset.


IMG_6803Parliament at sunset.



Tuesday April 15th –

The next day we got up before sunrise and walked the 40 minutes to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Normally they charge to go up on top of it’s wall, but because we were there before anyone else was awake, we mayyyyy have snuck up for some photos without paying.

Untitled-1Fisherman’s Wharf

IMG_6844IMG_6845Untitled-2IMG_6853IMG_6868IMG_6883IMG_6894IMG_6926IMG_6968After the Wharf we walked down around the town.IMG_6988

IMG_7008We stopped back by our hostel for a quick breakfast. Cereal in pots because we are poor backpackers. haha.IMG_7017After some rest we got ready to meet up with a few friends. We planned to have some people show us around since Budapest had so many things to see. One person was the brother of a girl we went to University with back in Indiana, and the other was from the couch surf we did in Paris. Though she lives in Paris now with Luc, Lea is actually Hungarian, and was visiting family in her hometown of Budapest on the same day we were visiting.IMG_7024This is the market in Budapest, and the same architect that designed the Eiffel tower designed the interior of this market.IMG_7040Lea was a fantastic guide. She knew so much about Hungarian history.IMG_7060Lea could only spend a little time with us, so after saying bye, we climbed the stairs to St. Stephen’s.Untitled-3IMG_7094IMG_7111My dear friend Andrea from Munich told me that there was gelato in the shape of a flower just outside of St. Stephen’s, so we made sure to get some. It reminded me of the flavors and way they give you gelato in Paris.

IMG_7113The last thing we saw for the day was the oldest subway in all of Europe, according to Lea. As the sun went down we headed to bed early because tomorrow would entail all-day traveling to Slovenia.



Wednesday April 16th,

Bright and early we set off for Slovenia. 1 bus and 2 trains led us through the beautiful Austrian countryside, and we ended up in Ljubljana, Slovenia at dusk.