Kelsey & Mikey Goodrich are two of my most favorite people in all this world. I met Kels back before I started college, at a IWU visit day. I saw her beautiful powdery skin and her dark hair and I marched up to her and declared, “You MUST let me photograph you” and we have been friends ever since. We used to go years between seeing each other, but I’m so glad that now days it’s closer to only a few months between my visits with this sweet girl. I had the absolute pleasure of being there for when Mikey proposed to Kels last summer, and also being the one to photograph their big day this past September. I feel so blessed to call these two beautiful hearts friends of mine. Kelsey works at a screen printing shop, ¬†and is an brilliant artist, who also has quite the knack for decorating and creating all kinds of little things to sell on Etsy. Mikey is in a touring band, and entertained us with his guitar-playing during most of the shoot. We spent last evening together in their little home in Indianapolis, and I hope you love the photos as much as I enjoyed my time with them.