I LOVE meeting new people who are doing amazing things. I met Sean a few weeks back, on a spontaneous coffee/vintage store/mall run with a few mutual friends, and found that he and three friends had started making their own cold-brew coffee. Needless to say, we became friends. I mean, they’re making coffee. I couldn’t help but immediately love them!

Niko, Sam, Sean, and Winny are four Indonesian transplants, living in Columbus, OH. (The area I transplanted from, when I moved to Alaska). Lokal (/lo•kal/ ), the Indonesian word for local, was born as a way to connect the local community they had come to love with their heritage. “Our cold brew coffee is a product of our labor of love. It is about us combining our passions, utilizing all that we have and know to share our story.” Lokal’s coffee beans are sourced with the help of local micro-roasters, from fairly treated Indonesian farmers, and then cold brewed for 12 hours.  This provides the lucky Columbus citizens with an amazingly smooth and refreshing coffee. “Each batch is thoughtfully and meticulously optimized to bring out the flavor nuances of the different regions and farms.”

Local has won over my heart for their coffee (GET UP TO ALASKA ALREADY PLEASE), but also for what they stand for: “We want to share our heritage with you; to contribute to the enriching of the cultural wealth of the city. We want to support our local communities, by acting as a vehicle for our excellent micro-roasters to showcase their products. LOKAL cold brew is a platform for us to give back to the city and people that have continued to show us the meaning of home.”

So next time you’re in Columbus, be sure to check them out. You can find them on Sundays, 12pm-6pm, in a small greenhouse, located in the back yard of a beautiful little home goods shop called Stump. They will surely greet you with a giant smile, and some absolutely delicious coffee, both cold and hot. You can thank me later. 😉


If you want any additional info on their brand, check them out at http://lokalcoldbrew.com


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