Your love story is unique, and I don’t want you to have the same photos as everyone else. I want to create images that define and preserve your relationship for decades to come. Stiff, awkward, smiling-at-the-camera photos are not what I’m about. When the wind whips your hair while hand-in-hand with your lover, or when goosebumps creep onto your arms from a deep embrace; those are the melodiously-sweet and fleeting moments that make me passionate about what I do. I’m an Alaska wedding photographer and I reside in Anchorage with my other half, Caleb. I’m sometimes based in Hawaii, after living there for a brief time and falling in love with all its beauty. My husband and I often find ourselves traveling for work and fun, so I have found myself specializing in destination work and thriving on traveling all over to many different states and countries for shoots. I have been documenting love stories all over the world since 2010.

Let us go see the world, live beautifully, dream passionately, and love completely.

Portrait by: The Kitcheners